In 2015 it was announced that there would be a series called The Cursed Rainbow Lily The Series it so far has aired 2 episodes and it is in the process of making two other episodes and is thinking about making a special it goes well with the 3 movies that were produced and it has gotten a lot of laughs


  1. Jalane's 7th Birthday
  2. Jalane's Average Day
  3. Cra Cra Ivy's Origin
  4. Two Parties One Person
  5. The Cursed Rainbow Lily The Series: Jalane's Angle



Jalane: (leaps into the start)

Simon/Danica: (comes out)

Jalane: (stabs Simon/Danica)


Grandpa Joe: (walks out in front of Jalane)

Jalane: (pushes Grandpa Joe out of the way)

Granpa Joe: (falls)

All: (Simon/Danica and Grandpa Joe pick up Jalane) The Cursed Rainbow Lily The Series Episode (1,2,3,4,5) (they put Jalane down and leave the stage)

Jalane: (says what ever the episode name is)


  • The Movies and the series are both live action
  • There is no music in the intro due to there not being any good music to use
  • A dog is seen in some points of the show (and in the 3rd movie)
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