Welcome to the The Cursed Rainbow Lily Wikia

Welcome to the cursed rainbow lily wikia and you may not know what the cursed rainbow lily is if you would like to know what it is message me Ballerinagirl enjoy

This Wiki's Rules


  1. Don't mean really mean to others for bad work if you don't like someones work don't be to mean about it
  2. do not claim stuff that isn't yours that's mostly steeling
  3. NO BLOCKING!!!! unless there if a good reason for it. please read Blocking for more info
  4. do not create pages that are not related to this wiki if done so that page could be deleted
  5. Do not delete pages without asking the owner first
  6. no bad things in comments
  7. don't blame other people for things you did
  8. this is a non-fanon wiki so no fanon stuff
  9. don't hack on to other peoples accounts
  10. no lieing

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